Security and the Acano solution

Acano employs a Secure Development Lifecycle methodology during a product’s life. This ensures that security is considered at each step of the software development process. The lifecycle has seven phases: Training, Requirements, Design, Implementation, Verification, Release and Response. The Response phase implements notification to Acano customers in a timely manner that a security vulnerability has been discovered. You can learn more about our policy of designing security into our products in this document, Acano solution Security Considerations (Updated 27th August 2015).

When we learn about a security risk in our products, our Security team rapidly analyses the level of risk, and we issue a security alert (the Response phase). We will explain the extent of the problem, mitigations that can be employed and, if necessary, give a timeline for the release of updated software to address the issue. This document is updated with the security alert:
Acano solution Security Alert Information (Updated 13th October 2016).

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